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Prospective Graduate Students

The ARC lab is an ideal fit for students with a clear interest in academia and research in university and medical research settings. The lab employs a multitude of methods ranging from self-reports to psychophysiology and brain imaging to better understand cognition and emotion regulation in psychopathology. Graduate students will not only have the opportunity to receive training in these methods, but they also will work with clinical populations and become experienced in diagnostic assessments.

Prospective Research Assistants

The lab is also an ideal fit for undergraduate students who want to gain clinical research experience, particularly those planning on applying to graduate school in psychology. Many past research assistants have gone on to clinical Ph.D. programs. Lab responsibilities include participant screening and recruitment, data entry, conducting literature searches, and assisting in data collection and daily maintenance of lab projects. Weekly lab meetings are held during the semester on a variety of topics including graduate school applications, conference presentations, presentations of research results and planning of new studies. RAs who demonstrate exceptional potential, are dependable, and are able to make a longer commitment to the lab can gain additional experience that could lead to authorship on papers and/or conference presentations. We do require a two-semester commitment. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume to Dr. Joormann